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NAS Sprawl

The NAS Sprawl Calamity: Inevitable NAS Growth Disorder

NAS sprawl is the mess that occurs when NAS systems rapidly proliferate across the IT ecosystem.  It’s based on the faulty logic that the effort and costs associated with scaling NAS is linear. That logic is fatally flawed.  One or two systems may be easy, but having lots of them to implement, operate, and manage is anything but easy. 

  • Every additional system requires its own care and feeding.
  • But, administrative management tasks increase exponentially not linearly.  Tasks such as ongoing data redistribution, load balancing, performance tuning, file store capacity allocation, data protection policies, and a whole lot more can consume an administrators time.
  • These additional NAS administrative tasks, are manually labor intensive, repetitive, nitpicking, and boring.  Most human beings are not good at boring repetitive tasks. 
  • There’s a direct correlation between increased mundane repetitive tasks and the probability of human error.  Errors must be backed out and tasks redone. 
  • Mounting file systems for thousands of clients is a disruptive labor-intensive process and could require downtime when migrating users to new systems. NAS sprawl equates into more mounts, more complexity, and more scheduled downtime.

The 2 primary non-mutually exclusive NAS sprawl instigators are swelling capacity demands and rapidly declining performance. Lower capacity but faster performance drives are utilized to raise NAS performance. The higher capacity lower performing drives increase NAS system capacity.  Balancing capacity and performance is as much art as it is science. 

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