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Case Studies

University of Portland
The University of Portland has been Oregon’s Catholic University for more than 100 years and is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top ten regional universities in the American West. The University of Portland has been bold and innovative in deploying technologies to enhance the learning experience of its students and connect students and faculty, to one another, and to ever growing digital content. The University’s library, for example, is experiencing a digital transformation making it easy for students to retrieve information and accelerate the learning process. The University undertook a project to make extensive use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) across its campus to connect students and faculty to content. While the experience has been positive, strains on the University’s storage system became apparent, that if left unchecked, would introduce latency manifested as poor response times to users. The University explored a number alternatives to keep a lid on VDI latency as it planned to scale to support more users and more content. Read More

Logan is a well-regarded New York and Los Angeles based group of talented VFX supervisors, directors, creative directors, and photographers. As Logan grew and demands on artists increased, Logan was faced with the challenge of delivering a reliable scalable storage architecture that could provide great performance for users while containing costs. Logan applied the same creativity it is known for in the world of VFX to come up with a solution that smartly separated inexpensive bulk storage capacity from a high performance acceleration layer making use of Alacritech’s ANX 1500. The results achieved are very compelling. Read More

Rainmaker Entertainment
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. (www.rainmaker.com), one of Canada’s largest producers of computer graphics (CG) animation, was at a technical crossroads. Video requires significant amounts of storage and the storytellers need to access their files quickly. As the company grew, performance on the computer network suffered. Response times lengthened. The company’s 200 creative animators simply couldn’t do their work as fast, affecting productivity. To meet their commitments and continue to provide their trademark high-quality work, Rainmaker had to find a better way. Read More

White Papers

Three Ways to Fight NAS Sprawl and One Way to Win Performance
While NAS (Network Attached Storage) has enjoyed a steady increase of installations in today’s corporate environments, scalability is increasingly becoming a problem. The intent of this paper is to present and position various approaches to NAS scalability. Read more…

Increase the Performance of Your Current NAS and Extend Its Life
In this paper, we will explore the challenges facing storage administrators when scaling NAS infrastructure, discuss the options available to them, and introduce a viable answer in addressing these challenges. Read more …

Accelerate Data Flow in Your NFS Environment
In Network File System (NFS) environments, as data grows in quantity and complexity, accessing that data in a timely fashion becomes increasingly complicated. This white paper discusses different scenarios and introduces a potential solution. Read more…

Five Ways a CIO Can Contribute to Revenue
Barry Lynn, former CIO of Wells Fargo Bank, shares his thoughts on how CIOs can contribute to revenue generation and turn information technology into a strategic weapon that contributes to the enterprise’s revenue and profitability. Read more…

Industry Articles

Taneja Group: The Cost of Performance
What’s an IO worth to you? Minor IO latency or throughput differences can turn cascading reactions into wasted time day-in and day-out, missed revenue, missed goals, blown schedules, etc. We’ll take a look at how big the cost of performance is and how new solutions get cost-effective performance inside the data center walls. Read more …

Understanding NFS Performance