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About Us

Alacritech® provides the simplest, fastest, most proven data offload technology.

Alacritech is the leading provider of storage network acceleration solutions that dramatically improve the performance of network attached storage (NAS) infrastructure resulting in an increase in application performance, infrastructure stability and drastically reduced capital, power, cooling and rack space costs.

Alacritech eliminates corporate storage/NAS sprawl by extending the life of the enterprise’s current and future NAS framework while reducing the dependency on growing pools of over-provisioned and underutilized disk drives. Only Alacritech allows enterprises to drastically increase application performance without having to replace the investment made in the NFS-based storage network.

Alacritech was founded in 1997 by technology pioneer Larry Boucher, the author of the SCSI standard and founder of both Auspex and Adaptec. Larry and his team of fellow entrepreneurs foresaw the convergence of storage and networking and the large amount of processing power and bandwidth consumed when moving data across the network. To solve this problem, the team designed Dynamic TCP Offload and cast it into silicon and has now taken it a step further by leveraging this technology in the form of an NFS acceleration appliance. By applying its vision of accelerated storage/NAS solutions and leveraging its 54 patents in the area of network acceleration, Alacritech is redefining the next generation of enterprise storage, allowing companies to accelerate their existing storage/NAS infrastructure.